As well as loving all things digital, the Genie App Studio team boasts a diverse range of skills and qualifications
to ensure your project’s success from a useability, functionality, commercial, and design perspective.

Our combined top-tier experience in IT, industrial design, management consulting, legal, and accounting,
make us a team of digital professionals like no other.

No project is too complex, as we specialise in delivering refined integrated cross-platform products for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web.


Mobile App Development

All Apps should be fun, intuitive, and solve a problem. We apply fresh thinking to optimize your App from a both a
User Experience and business case perspective. We take great pride in consistently devising innovative ways to engage users through creative execution, and taking advantage of state of the art technologies such as:

- Integration with Social Media platforms
- Benchmarking / Ranking / Gameification
- Location-based support
- QR Code technology
- In-App Purchase / Paypal / Alipay integration
- In-App booking / shopping functions; and
- On-demand push notifications.

Speak with us regarding how a mobile platform can integrate with and supplement your existing technology infrastructures and business model.

Also check out our outline of the App Development Process with Genie App Studio HERE


eBusiness Consultancy

Unlike other development houses, we are a team of business advisors with commercial training, passion for private enterprise, and the entrepreneurial mindset to transform your concept into a successful online business.

We complete the App development process by also assisting with:

- Online business strategy
- Market analysis
- Pre-launch initiatives
- Customer acquisition advice
- Revenue forecasting / data modelling; and
- Strategic growth advice.

We will work with you to devise viable revenue streams to ensure the long-term success of your concept.


Website Development

Need a website or dissatisfied with your existing one?

Contact us to discuss ways to improve your online presence through captivating website layouts, engaging website content and state of the art design standards.


Graphic Design Company

Remember that our graphic design expertise is also at your disposal.

We offer branding consultancy services such as designing :

- logos
- icons
- splash screens; and
- promotional material.